Robotic Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing System above standard camera images within different bands, enables automatic production of crop cover indices such as NDVI in agricultural field.

Remote sensing systems is an important subject on unmanned aerial vehicles and robotic systems. For agricultural and security applications, more spectral bands are needed for sensing more than visible (vegetation index, etc.). Our multispectral camera measures more than visible area;

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red Edge
  • Near Infrared

Multispectral camera properties are given in below.

  • 5 Spectrum measurement (R, G, B, Re, NIR).
  • Performs photo and video recording
  • GNSS positioning system (GPS + Glonass)
  • IMU support
  • Instant index display system
  • 8 MP resolution
  • Smart triggering
  • Changeable filters
  • Recording to SD Card
  • Web interface with using WIFI connection
  • Communication via USB cable
  • HDMI video out for wireless video transmission

Multispectral camera has several application areas;

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Forestry Observation
  • Plant Identification
  • Agricultural Quality Control
  • Agricultural Yield Estimation
  • Plant Stress Measurement
  • Multispectral Mapping
  • Pipe and Power Line Control
  • Archeology
  • History of Art
  • Security Applications

The working principle and the outputs of the Multispectral camera are mentioned with the sample images in this section. In agricultural use, unhealthy plants, dead plants and healthy plants reflects different wavelengths with different ratios. Multispectral camera detect these wavelengths reflected from plants and make them easily observable with using agricultural indexing algorithms like NDVI.
In the obtained photographs, dead plants and other objects are observed with red, unhealthy plants with yellow and healthy plant surfaces with green color. Color tones indicates how the area is healthy or not.

The multi-spectrum remote sensing system will be available in 3 different versions with the following operating characteristics.

  • Basic: Suitable for farmer use, Low cost for small scale applications
  • Professional: Suitable for corporate use for large scale applications
  • Academic: For research and development with limited open source software


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