Tethered UAV solution, BASAT which comes to mind as a solution to lack of application methods for industrial and military usage because of limited flight time and is developed by our team which have 10 years of field experience, is reason for preference in industrial and military applications because it does not affect from jammer technology (jammer free) and can be used as mobile and as stationary tethered operations with unlimited flight time.


The tethered UAV system has been developed to be suitable for both industrial and military quality standards with innovative feature as fully autonomous operation including auto take-off and landing, easy and rapid deployment, secure and jammer free communication due to cable-laid data transmission, back-up battery for emergency, high environmental resistance as dust and water proof and cable length up to 150 m.


The tethered UAV solution sets automatically cable length according to altitude data that comes from UAV unit and tension in cable thanks to its smart coiling and decoiling mechanism.


The tethered UAV BASAT can instantaneously transmit the data that are derived from night vision, Infra-Red, thermal and daylight cameras thanks to its F/O data transfer technology. Beside the cameras, BASAT, which can be integrated with various payloads as UAV range extender module, will find a use for many both military and industrial application areas as organization security, maritime defence, communication, traffic management, control of building site, control of chimney stack, trouble shooting of transmitter and antenna units, insulation control, mobile base station broadcast.


Tethered UAV solution, BASAT, has been developed in Teknopark Ankara campus. BASAT, which can be customizable for different demand on software and hardware, is going forward with developing on auto follow algorithm and vehicle integration, upgrading of payload capacity, image processing. Tethered UAV solution, BASAT, will be released to national and international markets with industrial and military version.

Superiority of Tethered UAV BASAT
Rapid deployment and fully autonomous flight
Capable for integration with both stationary and mobile platforms
Jammer Free operation by means of F/O cable-laid data transmission
150 m maximum altitude (Can be arranged up to 300 m if needed specially)
Up to 2 kg payload capacity, when UAV is TurkUAV Octo V3.
Wide payload options (Thermal, night vision, optical zoom-enabled electro-optic cameras etc.)
Capable for operations in though conditions with dust and water proof structure
Cable drop mechanisms and free flight up to 20 min in emergency
Superiority of Ground Power Unit, OCAK
Integration with different UAVs according to user choice
3 kW power capacity in standard configuration (Can be arranged up to 20 kW in special applications)
220V AC / 24 V DC Input Power (Can be supplied from portable generator, mains voltage or vehicle battery)
Cable drum that can control cable length and tension
Capable for integration with both stationary and mobile platforms
Capable for operations in though conditions with dust and water proof structure
Common Features
Original and Modular Design
Close, effective and rapid logistic and technical support
Orientation according to user choice, unlimited configuration options

TurkUAV Quadro Unmanned Aerial System is offered to customers by our professional technical team with training and support services.




Our company has been authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation on 22.02.2017 to provide training in UAV 0 and UAV 1 categories. In this context, we provide it with our professional staff as Robonik Mechatronics Technologies and Drone School.

UAV Trainings:

  • DGCA Commercial UAV0 UAV1 Trainings
  • UAV Pilot Training
  • UAV Vocational/Technical Training


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