TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute which is pioneer about the sensitive agricultural and remote sensing , preferred  the Drone School that is commercial  brand of Robonik Mechatronics Technologies.

In the Second stage of HASSAS Project of TUBITAK Space Technologies , the fields that are chosen in the Harran  plain will be analyzed by means of the UAV and satellite imaging to determine the manure needs of the fields. Analysis will be carried out to increase the efficiency by reducing the input cost with harvesting  measurements. In this context, UAV-1 training was completed on 27.06.2018 for TurkUAV Okto V3 UAV units that is used by TUBITAK SPACE since 2016.

Our company has more than 7 years of experience in the field of unmanned aerial systems that we have served in Research and Development , production, technical support and training.

As of 22.02.2017, Robonik has been authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation to provide training in UAV-0 and UAV-1 categories.

In This context , we develop our quality of education with our professional staff as Droneokulu which is brand of Robonik Mechatronics Technologies , we offer solutions to the needs of many sectors, institutions and users such as Turkish Armed Forces, TUBITAK Space.

You can visit www.droneokulu.com for detailed information about  the UAV training approved by General Directorate of Civil Aviation.